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Our new hand-tossed pepperoni pizza, sausage pizza, and extra-cheese pizza beat the taste of Papa John’s in a national taste test.

Taste Test

Even before we ever beat them, Papa John’s stated in a court of law that their slogan, “Better ingredients. Better pizza.” was puffery, meaning it’s just opinion and not fact. Boy, were they right. In a recent national independent taste test people picked our new pepperoni pizza, sausage pizza and extra-cheese pizza as tasting better than Papa John’s by a wide margin. That’s not puffery. That’s proven. See the proof and order the taste test winning pizzas at

P.S. We beat Pizza Hut too in the same national taste test.

Taste Test Pizza


  1. Matthew Slade | on February 10, 2010

    Frankly your new pizza is nasty. It’s cheese is bland, the sauce DOES taste like ketchup NOW, and the crust is just plain nasty. It taste like a big bread stick and I have never liked your bread sticks. I used to buy from you 2 to 3 times a month, or even more. Since the new pizza has kicked in I have not made one purchase from you. I ate some to try it at a friends house and as long as your “new inspired taste” is what you sell, you will have lost a customer here.

    • Freyar | on February 10, 2010

      Have you actually slowed down to taste the pizza itself? I’ve watched a few friends of mine eat some and say the same things as you. Once I got them to slow down and TASTE the actual pizza, it is much better than it used to be.

      Maybe you shouldn’t be enjoying pizza.. from what I read here, you eat pizza, to eat pizza and not to taste.

      • Laura | on February 13, 2010

        Slow or fast, everyone in my family hated the pizzas, and the rest went in the trash. The sauce is way too seasoned, and they did NOTHING different with the crusts. Maybe that was just our order, but everything from the cheese to the crust to the sauce–and minimal toppings too–means that we won’t bother with Domino’s ever again. Too much of our money has gone in the trash, and we have to make a special effort to return a pizza when it’s bad as they don’t deliver in our area.

    • Rich | on March 6, 2010

      Today I ordered the Brooklyn style pizza and bbq wings. The entire order was terrible. The pizza was so thin, you couldn’t even pick it up to eat. It just fell apart. The new improved “zesty” sauce is terrible. Pizza sauce is pizza sauce, if I want it hot and zesty, I’ll add my own red peppers. The bbq wings were just nasty. They had so much sauce on them, I just tossed them out. You couldn’t even pick them up. It was my first time trying Dominos and probably my last.

    • Sarra | on July 29, 2010

      I recently got pizza there.. I gagged. I used to LOVE dominos.. It was my favorite pizza. The garlic powder on the crust is overpowering, dry and just.. EWW. Everyone I know has stopped eating at dominos since their horrible taste change. Old ladies with no taste buds shouldn’t be taken into account for changing your pizza!! Bring it BACK.

      Teachers at my college used to have dominos pizza parties. Now they even use local bakeries over dominos. It actually gets BETTER being two days old!!

      Hope they come to their senses.. would love to have the great old pizza back.


      I didn’t even feed it to my dog.. it just sat there.. nobody wanted to touch it.

  2. Landon | on February 11, 2010

    I personally think your pizza is fantastic! Your old pizza never appealed to me but ever since you’ve started selling the revamped version I have been craving it everyday! Well done!

  3. mickspace | on February 13, 2010

    I tried it, the Medium size is really a small size? The pizza has improved a bit, still not better than papa johns, or Little Cesars, I wanted to try the Brooklyn style, but it cost twice as much as a large pizza in brooklyn. I doubt they will ever beat any Brooklyn pizza or NYC pizza.
    My local pizza place is better and I will continue to buy from them.
    Their small is the size of a dominions Large????

  4. Owen | on February 13, 2010

    Good job on the Hand Tossed makeover. Now you guys should work on your Deep Dish. I don’t have to pay Pizza Hut extra dough if I order their pan pizza.

    Look into pricing and also think about making over your Deep Dish.

  5. Laura | on February 13, 2010

    I gave you the old college try, and we’re kicking ourselves for not returning the pizzas. The sauce is overly seasoned, nothing different was done to the crusts of our pizzas, and the “no double toppings” thing means that we can’t get enough beef topping since you reduced the portion size (years ago, why we avoided the chain). I’ve got two other chains near me that will give me more for less, and they don’t have the silly “no double toppings” rule. I’d almost venture to say that Little Caesar’s is now on your level, or I should say, you’ve gone down to theirs.

  6. Rick S | on February 13, 2010

    This is the second time we’ve tried the new Dominos pizzas and think they are terrible. Sauce is too spicy and crust has an odd flavor. We only ordered today because Pizza Hut was going to take an hour and 1/2 to deliver. I doubt we will be ordering from Dominos again in the future.

  7. Chip H | on February 13, 2010

    My son does not think there is much difference and will continue to order them weekly. I think the spicier sauce is better, but I like spicy food, as do many of you, and you know who you are. I think Pizza Hut sauce tastes saltier and don’t care for the saltier taste (except if I’m in the mood for a beef and onion pizza).

  8. Miel | on February 14, 2010

    I don’t know what Slade is talking about but it is a hugeeee inprument, the crust is not like cardboard any more and I love the flavor, much better tase and is wonderfull the next day or cold.
    Keep it up, u have a winner this time.

  9. Miel | on February 14, 2010

    Micks, there is no Pizza like New York Pizza but since we live in Florida, must make the best of it and Dominos has inprove alot on there pizza.

  10. john | on February 15, 2010

    I’ll stick with frozen pizza after trying the:Oh Yes We did” Domino’s-they should cal it DOUGHY-too much salt-very little sauce- Now we have doughy cardboard extra salt and garlic-where’s the sauce?

  11. kimberly jones | on February 15, 2010

    Well my 15 year old said she had the new pizza at a friends house a couple of weeks ago and she said it was delicious. So today I got 2 pizzas 1 cheese and the other sausage. At first it seemed pretty good but I noticed how greesy and salty it was after another slice. Needless to say all four of us got sick. I threw up and the others just felt queezy or gassy they said.I still have the other whole pizza on the cabinet right now. No one will touch it! Well after that – I don’t think I will be eating there again. The flavor was ok I guess but the oily cheese and saltiness was not good. Wish I could get my $13 back :(

  12. Lorri | on February 16, 2010

    My kids loved the old pizza….and I’m sure they’ll love the new too!

  13. David Griffin | on February 17, 2010

    I just wanted to write to you and tell you that I think your “3 out of 5 people preferred Domino’s” over Papa John’s or Pizza Hut pizza is a load of baloney. I’ve eaten your pizza since your new ‘ramatazaz’ television commercials came out and I shared 3 pies with 4 of my relatives. Our ‘official’ taste taste of your ‘new and improved’ Domino’s is that it is on par with your average frozen pizza bought in the grocery store. (I didn’t complain because everyone I know realizes that Domino’s is crappy pizza. I wasn’t surprised that your tv ads didn’t change that.) Your pies do not rise to the level of a Papa John’s pizza nor of a Pizza Hut pie. The people in white coats in your tv ads should be in white straight jackets because they and the nonsense they spout is just plain nuts.

  14. John | on February 18, 2010

    I must be in the 2 of 5 who think the new pizza is disgusting. Too bad, Domino’s definitely lost a long time customer here. I’ll stick with Papa John’s and local establishments. Why on earth would so much garlic be standard? Maybe as an optional topping, but standard? Oh well, apparently I am in the minority. We’ll see how the long term sales hold up. I’m sure short term sales will show improvements since a lot of people will buy it to try it. I have a feeling a year from now that will not be the case.

    • Jeff | on February 19, 2010

      I’m sure they put too much garlic on yours…

      • nathan | on April 7, 2010

        They put way too much garlic on the pizza I tried. I was extremely hungry for lunch, I had 3 bites and threw it away. I was literally sick for 3 days after I at the pizza. I purchased it at a Domino’s Pizza on Allen Blvd. in Middleton, WI. I had a few friends of mine that were with me at the time try it as well and there wasn’t one slice that didn’t end up in the garbage. Sorry dominoes, might want to spend some actual money on your ingredients next time.

  15. Jeff | on February 19, 2010

    I’ve always liked Domino’s Pizza and the new Pie recipe is no different. I like other Pizzas as well! What I don’t think people realize is that everyone has different tastes and not all people are going to like one brand of Pizza. Why do you think there are so many chains out there that are still in business? Different Tastes!

  16. Brandon | on February 20, 2010

    Who are these jerks putting all of these bad comments on here!?! Dominoes you guys have the best pizza out there right now. If i had a choice of pizza it was papa johns or pizza hut but now theres only one choice and thats DOMINOES!!!!!!!

    • freetard | on July 27, 2011

      Dominos is not spelled dominoEs there is no e. And all you have to do is Read the Box or maybe look around this website for the correct spelling… Tard…

  17. steve | on February 21, 2010

    Domino’s is terrible. It doesn’t matter what they do with there crust. I got sick as a dog and was throwing up all over the place last time I ate it. Besides you sale two medium-sized with two toppings for 5.99 each. Where as you can go to Pizza Hut and get basically anything for 10 dollars. Or at least where I live you can.

  18. Kevin | on February 21, 2010

    This pizza was horrible! Way too greasy. I’ll stay with Papa John’s. I would like to see the details of this survey because out of every I know there was not been “3 out of 5″ who like it!

  19. Angela | on February 22, 2010

    The old pizza was better. Why don’t you offer both options?

  20. Nerwen Aldarion | on February 23, 2010

    I like pizza, plain and simple. I ordered from Papa Johns because they had good deals at my campus but their pizza is on the lower end of quality. I saw the trailer for Dominos Pizza Turnaround and decided to try it. I have never ordered from Papa Johns again. This new pizza is wonderful, I love the buttery garlic crust and that little kick of sauce! So glad that the pizza is no longer just sauce either, there is a good deal of cheese on top too! I don’t know what pizza the dissenters here are trying, maybe somebody at Papa Johns switched pizzas?

  21. Sharmin | on February 27, 2010

    Love the pizza…..just not so excited about the size. Little C’s isn’t as good, but it does offer more pizza at a cheaper price. For a five member family on a budget, money will usually outweigh flavor. Having said that—-still love the pizza and will be looking forward to splurging again!

  22. Alexis Combs | on February 28, 2010

    I used to actually work for Domino’s as a delivery driver… I never thought it was particularly great pizza but it wasn’t horrible. As far as the comment above about not tasting the pizza but simply “eating” it… well, I could live on pizza, I love it that much…and I have to say that I will never again eat Domino’s pizza after my most recent experience. Not only do they not deliver to my area so I had to drive to buy these horrific pizzas, but they were so bad that I threw it all away after getting it home and eating only a few slices. It was my first time ever getting to try a Philly cheese-steak pizza that my husband used to just rave about, and I also got a new york style pepperoni and some cheese bread and cinnamon bread. Not only did they NOT cut the bread into pieces, they overcooked it to the point of being almost too hard to eat. Those immediately went into the garbage. On both of the pizzas themselves, the crust tasted great yeah, but it took up almost half of the pizza itself literally… and um, I don’t buy pizza to eat over 4 inches of crust. The only thing that really made it decent was the seasoning, otherwise the sauce is just as bad as always. On the Philly cheese-steak pizza… they couldn’t have put less toppings on if they tried, my husband hated it for the first time in history. I thought you guys were trying to run some great campaign as to why people should come eat there again, that’s the only reason we bought your pizza instead of having Pizza Hut deliver or going to Papa John’s… quite frankly I think Casey’s Pizza has you all beat hands down, you should take some pointers from them. It was a waste of time, money, and food… I am sincerely disappointed and I will never eat there again, nor will my friends and family. Good luck making your pizza better. I just think it’s ridiculous that you actually advertise that you are better than Papa John’s or Pizza Hut, they have better service, they deliver and their pizza has never tasted so awful that I would throw practically the entire order away. I really should have gone to insist on getting my money back, but they weren’t worth the gas money I already wasted. I think I’m truly one of your “Harshest Critics” right now.

  23. stephen | on February 28, 2010

    Just a note about statistics, since *puffery* is the rage here.
    To have a 99% confidence level, with a “3 out of 5″ prefer X over Y, you would need over 25,000 samples.

    But I guess when you are wearing Domino’s uniforms when conducting the survey…..
    Like Domino’s is going to have fresh Papa John’s

  24. Ann | on March 1, 2010

    I tried the new Dominos pizza last night and was disgusted by all the changes. I like Dominos pizza just the way it was before. There was almost no crust, the pepperoni was horrible and the sauce was waaaay too sweet. Also the garlic butter flavoring on the crust was sickening because it made it too greasy. I don’t think people are expecting gourmet pizza from Dominos, they just want what the old pizza back. Also this is the first time I have ever commented on any food so it had to be pretty bad for me to put in this comment. I have never liked Papa John’s either so I hope they make a switch or add the option of having the old choice.

  25. Nicole | on March 7, 2010

    I think the new pizza is delicious. The spices and flavors are just right.

  26. Kathleen | on March 10, 2010

    The new pizza is horrible. The crust is like a soggy matzo cracker, the sauce is sickeningly sweet, and the cheese is grainy and more like a thick alfredo sauce. We each tried one piece, and tossed the rest. It is truly AWFUL!

  27. Wesley | on March 13, 2010

    Love seeing all of these negative comments from people who, I think, didn’t actually order from dominos. Every time I’ve ordered the pizza it’s been the best pizza I’ve every had. I ordered twenty of the large pepperoni pizza for a party I held and all thirty people were very complimentary of the pizza. A few of them said they still prefer Papa Johns, but said that the new Dominos was a vast improvement on the old formula. I have never gotten a pizza that had bland crust or skimpy toppings. Most people notice the sauce more than anything, it is definitely not ketchup. I’ve worked for three different pizza companies, one that delivered, for several years before joining the Marine Corps. These are the most flavorable pizza’s out there, hands down. We used to go to Westshore Pizza here in Tampa all the time but now we just order Dominos whenever we want pizza.

    • SameCrap | on March 29, 2010

      Wesley, your smoking crack. Compared to a military chow hall pizza it’s good maybe. That would be all the credit I would give to them.
      Think about it, like people have that much of a vendetta against a pizza chain to toll message boards to discredit the franchise out of sheer boredom.
      I for one was so pi**ed off that this advertising campaign was nothing more than advertising campaign and the same crap pizza that I chose to express my dis-satisfaction on Domino’s own website.
      Semper Fidelis to Domino’s it appears.

  28. No Domino’s | on March 21, 2010

    Pizza is dreadful!

    Crust too sweet and doughy.

    Butter was gross and saturated the cardboard box.

    Red Peppers in the sauce was the only taste, overpowered any other flavor of cheese or topping.

    Returned the pizzas with one slice of each pizza tasted and was given a 15 minute run around by two managers . Told I had to ’speak to the owner’ . Really poor customer service, and the box says they will make it right or refund your money !

    The box should say they will argue with you for 20 minutes.

    Very frustrating experience!

    I actually hoped that I could get a good pizza. Fortunately I live very close to two different and very good pizza restaurants.

    But Domino’s should re evaluate this whole marketing hype… having tasted the product it looks more a way to create interest in a mediocre product with no non traditional ads… but not really the ‘better pizza’ they promise.

  29. CArlos Hernandez | on April 2, 2010

    Where did you people find people to make the 3 out of 5 stats? We ordered a Domino’s Pizza a couple weeks ago after seeing the commercials about how you folks have improved. Guess what?! The pizza had no flavor! The crust was soggy. All in all the pizza sucked! No one I know in Honolulu orders Domino’s Pizza because it is the absolute worst! No wonder there is only one Domino’s on Oahu!

  30. owen | on April 9, 2010

    The new pizza is gross. Back to the old please.

  31. Mike Michaelis | on April 9, 2010

    We had pizza tonight the crust was soggy. The chesse was watery. the crust had no tast. It was just bad. I worked for Domino’s making pizza.

  32. Michael VanDyke | on April 11, 2010

    Haven’t tried the new pizza yet,but the old style tasted like cardboard!! Looks like alot of people dislike the new pizza too.Would hate to waste my money on the product if its bad again!
    I usually eat the homemade fire baked pizza’s,non of these named company’s can come close!!!

  33. Eric | on June 25, 2010

    Sorry, Domino’s; it still sucks.

  34. BOB | on June 29, 2010


  35. JTaylor | on August 2, 2010

    I don’t understand ANYONE on here I think the new pizzas are EXCELLENT! I can now eat the entire crust. I have eaten very good quality pizzas from all over the world and these ARE excellent. Thank You Domino’s!

  36. Josh W. | on August 5, 2010

    Oh yes we did just loose another long time customer because of the bad new pizza. I actually called tonight after eating some of it and asked about the super thin crust, they said that corporate tells them to make the new hand tossed crust thin that way so I told them on the phone I wasn’t ordering Domino’s again. Not only is the center crust way too thin, the outer crust is the equally thin crust just folded over. It’s supposed to be one thick piece of bread…not thin stuff folded over to be like crust. I’m trying to eat this pizza, but the sauce is kind of stomach churning and they have caked too much garlic powder on the pizza, so much that it is piled up on the box around the crust. Seriously Dominos, bring back your old pizza.

  37. Witherspoon | on August 16, 2010

    I think the pizza is awesome! It has a taste that could change the way Obama lives! Has anyone got him to taste it? I bet he’d become a much better president if he could taste this awesome pizza! But anyways! Great job dominoes! And u can deliver me any recipe pizzas your planning to sell! I’ll eat them for free! Keep up the good work!

  38. David Rodriguez | on September 19, 2010

    Where we live, Dominos & Pizza Hut have always been the best [places to order pizza. I had a friend who worked at little Ceasers who warned me that they often used expired ingredients which is why they’re pizza sometimes tasted a little odd and stale. I’ve never had complaints about Dominos Pizza from anyone in our whole family or friends. We tried the new pizza and we all thought it was good and I did personally liked the new butter garlic crust. The only thing that tasted a little odd for us was the pepperoni which had an over powering taste of pork. I mean to the point where it masked the overall taste of the pizza. We had also ordered another pizza with canadian bacon and it was just perfect to the taste. I’ve yet to order another pepperoni from them because of this incident although I wonder if it was just something that could be attributed to the quality control of pepperoni? Anyone else have this experience? As far as Pizza Hut, I dont understand why they use different bread for their hand-tossed and pan pizzas? their hand-tossed bread is just awfully sweet and their pan pizza bread was always way too buttery although now they seem to have cut back on this. Also, they’re sweet bread sticks and dips are ridiculously sweet! If their salads were cheaper I would be a regular client! ;) I personally think that CiCi’s speciality deep dish is simply the best Grade-A quality pizza. Their ingredients are always fresh as well as their salads! :)

  39. David | on September 25, 2010

    I tried Dominos on September 23rd after the supposed pizza changed. I find that the pizza had not changed much. There is a bit more flavor, but I find it saltier than before, and the garlic was overpowering. The pizza is even gresier than before. Luckily I didn’t get sick over the pizza, but it overall is worse than before. I like my pizzas a lot less greasy, and that’s where I prefer Little Caesars, Papa Johns, & Cicis. Pizza Hut is alright, but some locations in my area are just as greasy as Dominos, but at least their pizza has plenty of toppings & flavor. Dominos sandwiches & breadsticks are also gross. Neither of those changed either. Both are greasy. Before September 23rd, the last time I had Dominos was last year when I ordered the $5.00 each special, which was a medium pizza, sandwich, & breadsticks. I did not like any of the 3, but I found the sandwich the worst. It was their Chicken Parmesan. It would have been fine if it wouldn’t have been greasy. The breadsticks tasted like cardboard, just like it does now.

    With this in mind, I will stick with my favorite pizza places: Papa Johns for quality premium pizza (expensive, but worth the money for the quality, and not greasy), Little Caesars for price, and having the $5.00 Hot & Ready Sausage (my favorite), Cheese only, & Pepperoni pizzas, & Cici’s for the all you can eat buffet (at least in my area, but does offer carry out as well). I will admit Cici’s isn’t quality pizza, but my stomach & tastebuds can tolerate Cici’s Pizza much better than Dominos. Dominos didn’t gain me as a regular customer. That’s why they only have 3 locations in my area, while Little Caesars has more locations (all corporate too).

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  53. Susan C. | on June 26, 2011

    Best thing about the meal, the Diet Coke. We decided to try the pizza…I have several suggestions. 1) You should definately invest in the plastic tables that support the top of the box. Seriously- we order for the first time to try the new pizza and my box top is smashed to my pizza. 2) Try someone else’s pizza….the Little Ceasar’s frozen at home pizza kits taste better. It was only until after we dumped Franks Red Hot, cheeze and ranch on it did it taste better. 3) Don’t charge someone $25 bucks for a pizza, only to deliver a slab of bland bread with all of 4 scattered vegetables and the equivalent of 1 slice of deli ham. Whelp, we tried it, and we’ll stick with the other guys. Good job on the website though, it’s flashy and user friendly enough to convince people to try…that was probably your plan.

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  55. Jacob Konnoff | on July 23, 2011

    All these negative comments make me laugh im a pizza critic im fro an italian family soo trust me i no my stuff. And these complaints about garlic? WTH i love how the new crust has cheese baked on and a nice garlicy finish it almost illiminates the need for garlic bread the last time i had pizza hut u threw up and left the rest in a garbage can. Dominos has come a long long way and is honestly delicious the sauce to perfectly applied cheese and pepperoni on a fantasticly crisp yet soft on the inside crust is a winner infact last night i convinced my mom to order at 10 pm cus i wanted the stuff pretty bad and i have my reasons to be snobby and for you guys complaining try the pepperoni with added parmigiana asiago freaking delicious with mountain dew and a movie theres not one thing i can complain about everybite is a perfect bite!!!!!!!! thank you dominos youve gained a die hard teen customer which actaully is a good thing sence teens eat up to 75 percent more pizza than adults and this will also be remembered in college oh btw the sauce is great you rock and i almost never write reviews this stuff is good!

  56. LostStar | on July 31, 2011

    I’ve looked over this site carefully and I see nothing but negative comment after negative comment. I REALLY hope whoever is ACTUALLY in charge at Domino’s is taking note and is not fooled by the wizards who have bombarded television with non-stop slick advertising telling us how great the new pizza is. Yes your sales may be up and it’s easy to be conned into thinking it is because your new pizza is actually good. But in reality sales are up ONLY because these non-stop slick ads are tricking people into trying this stuff and you are selling a lot more than you did before because of that. Once everyone has tried it trust me you will see your sales plunge back down again.

  57. CT | on August 17, 2011

    Terrible pizza. I actually preferred the way it was before. Way too seasoned, hardly any toppings, and the “robust” sauce is gross, it made me feel sick, and I’m not the only one. I’d rather pay more and get better quality from our best local chain…

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